Pad Ka Pow Talay ผัดกะเพราทะเล

How to make it

cut up your garlic, chillis
put the garlic and chillis in a bowl on the side.
Cut your onions
Set the onions and chillies on the side, and cut the seafood into small chunks. Mince!
put some oil in a wok, heat it up, and when it’s good and hot (I use a tiny bit of onion to test) add the onions and chillis.
Add more oil if you need to. When the onions are a little brown around the edges, add the seafood.
After frying the seafood for a little while, until it’s a little more white and a little less pink, add your cup of chicken stock.
Let the seafood simmer in the stock for a while. Eventually, it won’t be pink anymore, and this is when you add a shake of soy sauce (about 1.5 tbsp ).
…a BIG shake of oyster sauce (3 tbsp)…
add about 1tbsp of fish sauce:
I don’t follow measurements when adding those three things. – if you want to adjust the flavour of the food, you can test the food and add more ingredients as required.
Add lots of basil. it reduces in size .
Let that cook for a little while, and let the basil reduce. Once it’s shrunk down a bit, add the garlic and ginger.
Stir that in, let it cook, add extra soy/fish/oyster sauces to taste,
description=”Pad Si-iew-Moo”

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